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Got questions?

Does Coperniq sound too good to be true? Here's a list of FAQ's for you to explore! 

1. Can I transfer my projects from my original solution?

Yes. We will work with you to transfer your current projects, clean up any data, and associate any documentation or other files with these projects.

2. I am too reliant on the integrations I have already built into my CRM, can I integrate Coperniq with that CRM?

Yes. We can integrate Coperniq with nearly any external tool or app either by using Zapier or a custom integration through our API. This is a premium feature and may require cooperation and coordination with your internal IT department.

3. How do I pay my subscription?

We will send you the monthly invoices by email. To pay the bill, you will be directed to our website where you can pay through stripe using a credit or debit card.

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4. Will Coperniq track how long my jobs have been sitting in their current status?

Yes. Coperniq allows your teams to create the stages that the projects work through and it will track how long it has been in that stage.

5. Our database contains our client’s personal information and we want to ensure their privacy. What kind of security will Coperniq have in place?

Coperniq offers sophisticated encryption of your data when it is both at rest and in transit. The former refers to data stored idly within our database, while the latter refers to the use of SSL/TLS encryption when data is communicated between the database and the application. Our security and compliance measures ensure that your data is securely stored and accessed. By making frequent snapshots and backups of the database, it can be easily recovered if necessary.

6. We want to implement this software for a non-English speaking audience. What is Coperniq's language support like?

Our software will be internationalized in Spanish by the end of January 2021. Additional language support (German, French, etc.) will be added in due time.

7. Our service area sometimes takes us into areas where there is no network connection. Will your mobile app be able to work in that situation?

Some of the features would be temporarily unavailable; however, the system will allow users to collect data for upload once network connection is restored.

8. We are an EPC and work with an external sales-team. Will I be able to give them access to my team’s schedule so that they can schedule surveys?

Yes. You will be able to give them access to your system so they can schedule surveys. In general, Coperniq makes it simple for you to invite partners, subcontractors, and other internal and external stakeholders. As admin you will choose what these parties' visibility on the platform.

9. I work with a group of sub-contractors for various tasks. Will giving them access count as one of my seats? 

Yes and no... You will be given a number of subcontractor seats depending on the level of your subscription. Above that, you will have to pay for any additional seats or require your subs to get their own accounts.

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