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Upgrade the way your company works

Optimize project workflow, materials, and human capital. Scale quickly and profitably!   

Connect planning and execution and gain one-click visibility of where every project is at any point in time. Never miss handovers between key stakeholders, improve transparency, and cultivate a collaborative environment to get more projects done with fewer resources and minimize waste. 

Task tracking software
Project portfolio visibility

See projects flow smoothly through your pipeline. Customize the platform to fit your exact operational needs, organizational chart, and management style. Unlike other systems with strong opinions about how you should run your company, Coperniq is flexible enough to work the way you work!

Real-time collaboration

Coperniq is a shared digital workspace that keeps everybody on the same page with real-time access policies. Your team will have a single source of truth for every piece of project data at every key milestone. Faster feedback cycles, clear communication between office and field, and reduced resurvey rates! 

Real-time collaboration software

Our deep expertise will 5X your business

Our team of experts will become your strategic partners and invest our deep industry knowledge into your success. We will work with you to enhance every aspect of your business and take you years ahead of your competition.

Solar Panels

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