End-to-end Operations & Service Platform for Solar Companies

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Coperniq is the platform to manage your fulfillment & service operations used by industry-leading residential & commercial EPCs

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Chief Construction Officer

"We wasted 2 years of potential growth looking at NetSuite, Salesforce, Monday, all the classic wheels folks reinvent in solar. Only after we met the Coperniq team did we realize we needed a vertical ERP built for solar construction workflows."

$0.12 /W

Cut in OpEx

Jake Simpson

"Before, to get any sense of numbers and margins my COO & I had to crunch numbers in Excel, pivot tables, the whole nine... It was such an ordeal we had to hire an analytics agency just to keep tabs on our growth. Now I have my entire business in a single dashboard."


Faster average time-to-PTO

The first end-to-end platform post-sale activities

Find out why the leading solar, battery, & other energy contractors choose Coperniq to transform their business.

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Process, not Project, Management

We know you are juggling hundreds of solar projects. Enforce SOPs to control every process step, accelerate time-to-PTO, & boost project profitability.

Bridge the Office-Field Gap

Eliminate the disconnect between your dispatchers and field workers. Foster improved communication, streamline operations, and amplify productivity.

Transparent Solar Journey

From the moment a site survey technician steps into the truck to PTO. Experience how automated real-time communication can transform your customer experience!

The #1 platform for installers & EPCs to grow their business

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Coperniq makes you more time & cost efficient

Find out how Coperniq frees up time, gives down-to-the-penny cost control, and boosts referral revenue.

Start saving with Coperniq
Start saving with Coperniq

17 hr /week

saved per Office Worker

12 hr /week

saved per Field Worker

Cost per watt ($)
with Coperniq
Referral rates
with Coperniq

Coperniq platform

You no longer have to sign into seven cookie-cutter tools. Everything you need to run your business is in one location, wherever you are.

Pipeline management

Gain unparalleled visibility into multiple sales pipelines. Prevent ball-drops and enhance sales efficiency from lead to close.

Project management

Shrink timelines from NTP to PTO & blast through your project backlog, empowering project managers to 10X their productivity

Field service management

Streamline communication between dispatchers, crew leads, and field workers, fostering improved collaboration and engagement

Customer success hub

Delight customers with a memorable experience, making every job a catalyst for 5-star reviews and glowing referrals

Financials & inventory

Precise control over project financials & change orders, allowing you to make informed data-driven decisions & boost project profitability

Mobile workforce

Sleek native mobile app, enabling seamless communication, real-time updates, and enhanced productivity on the go.