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Helping solar & net-zero companies grow by connecting people, data, and systems

Automate 40% of your customer communication, save 12 hours per week per team member, and focus on high-leverage business activities. Let Coperniq do the rest!

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Proudly serving the leading net-zero construction companies in the industry 

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360° optics of your entire project portfolio

Zoom into any level of project detail and gain eagle vision of your portfolio. Tame operational uncertainty and make better decisions faster

Bridge the gap between office and field

An efficient platform for sales and ops teams to collaborate with installers and subcontractors. Break down silos and hack your team's productivity

Streamlined operations and profitable scalability

Optimize project workflow, materials, and human capital. Stop drowning from an influx of new customers and scale your pipeline efficiently

Shave $0.12+ off your price-per-watt

With a robust domain-specific solution & a team of strategic partners on your side, you'll be able to future-proof every aspect of your business from sales, to production, to O&M 

  • Full data and business process audit

  • Industry-leading onboarding times

  • Rich battle-tested industry templates

  • 24/7 customer support

Just when you thought the perfect software for energy contractors didn't exist...

Take on more customers than you thought was possible. Never miss business opportunities again due to manual entry errors. Take customers out of the dark, and turn them into raving fans and brand advocates.

Happy solar customers
Solar field worker and manager

Break down operational silos and hack your team’s productivity. Optimize every function of your company, including partners and subcontractors. Tame project complexity and grow your enterprise.


Never lose sight of completed jobs again, monitor post-install activity and leverage project data to generate business insights. Predict and plan for problems before they arise. Reignite stale or lost jobs and wow your customers.


Solar electrical technician

Coperniq makes your life easier

More than 25,000 turnkey energy deployments are built, operated, & maintained on Coperniq every day.
From residential PV systems to commercial EV chargers, Coperniq has your entire value chain covered! 

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